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Along with the growing hobby of casinos, many games related to casinos are being liked very much by people. Due to this choice of the people, now those games have also been recognized by the government and there is no ban on them. There are many games that can be played on our mobile phones very easily while playing, your appointee player will also be a real person who will play games like a casino with you. Today we will talk about one of those games here, we will bring every little information related to that game to you and will also tell you how to play that game.

Zynga poker

Zynga poker

This game is very popular and more played than any other game played in the casino. Often in the advertisement of casinos or in banners, you are shown pictures or pictures of this game. The rules of playing it are more interesting than the interest in watching this game.  Today we will know how to play Zynga poker game.

During this game, you have to make a particular pattern with the help of 5 cards which makes the particular pattern a winner in this game.  Simply put, in this game, with the help of cards, you have to make a special combination or pattern between 5 cards, each different pattern has its own different values, which we will learn further.

During this game, you will get to hear the name of the sequence of many new cards. The sequence with which you will disarm the winner is the different sequence of the cards. Each time a winner with the best and best sequence will be selected. The following are sequences of some cards that are used during this game.

High card

High card in poker

In such a sequence, you do not make any kind of card combination and the number and type of each card are different, in this situation the card which you have the largest is considered to be your high card.

One pair

One pair in poker

You can also call it the most starting stage of card confinement because in this communication you will have a combination of any two of 5 cards. If we put it in simple words, any two out of 5 cards in this sequence should be such that a pattern and connection should be made between them.

Two pair

Two pair in poker

Just as in a one-pair you have to make a combination and pattern between any two cards, similarly in a two pair game you have to make a different pattern between any two cards with the help of any 4 cuts.

If we put it in simple words, you have to make two different trees with the help of 4 cards, with a sequence of 5 cards.

Three of a kind 

Three of a kind in poker

In such a sequence, you have to make a 3-card combination that is one of a kind and becomes a Titan and a combination of those three.

In simple words, what we can do is that any 3 cards out of 5 cards should be such that there is a connection between them and a sequence.