Online poker games Khelo 365

In India, poker online games are very popular. For a large audience, you will be more familiar with card games and immemorial adapting to poker games and it is not a big deal. Before starting this game you need to know everything about poker in the Khelo365. 

Basic Poker Rules

Khelo 365 popular in India

Poker is an international game and it is frantically played all around the globe with much passion and fervour. Everyday many people are jumping into the poker online game and it also involves heavy stakes. In India, there is a shortage of brick and mortar casinos. Many online poker players are trying their luck every day. 

To know more about poker you must know its rules and it is also one of the most essential prerequisites. Poker’s main rules are to building blocks or the foundation. By this, you are going to build your fort. For mastering in poker and its rules, you need practice or some more effort. 

Betting Rules 

Betting is an intrinsic part of the poker game. During the course of the poker game, the players would have to bet on the amount based and also know the value of their hand cards. When cards are distributed then the players are required to place an amount in the pot called the ante to start off. 

When the betting interval, round and the players have to bet in the game. Players have only 3 options left in front of him. The betting process will be over when each player bets on the same amount. 

After the final betting there comes a time which will be a showdown. It means that players have to show their hands. Those who have the best hand will win the pot. In the game of poker, you will also receive three betting limits:

  • No limit
  • Fixed limit
  • Pot limit

In the first format which is also universally followed and allows the player to bet on any amount he wants, even when his whole stack of chips is commonly referred to as “ all in “ in the game of online poker.  Poker’s rules are different in Khelo 365. 

In the fixed limit the betting is done with the raise amount and in pot-limit, the betting is capped by many limits of the pot amount. 

Khelo 365 to play poker


In the Khelo 365 game poker game, the dealer position is fixed. Who gets the first position gets seated in the table and becomes a dealer. In the poker tournaments, cards are randomly dealt with players in a face-down, and those who have the highest face value card become the dealer of that tournament. 

The Blinds

In the poker game, there are two types of big blinds and small blinds. In the table, these are forced to bet to pump in some action. These are the rules and terms of poker in the Khelo365 game in India and its popularity is increasing day by day.