play poker hands

Poker is a very popular game from the beginning of the casino. This game is being played throughout the world. There is no casino left without a poker game in it. Though poker games have so many varieties. But overall the motive is the same to make five hands first. We have to know the rules of this very traditional game in the world. So here are the terms and rules regarding the poker game.

10 poker combinations

play poker hands rules
  • Four of a Kind is simply a player with four cards with the same value. While the situation is like, you and your opponent both have the same ranked cards then the values with higher cards will win the bet.
  • Three of a Kind is the same as four of a kind. But here except for one card, the rest of the three cards will be the same in values.
  • Full House is the lower ranking of a three of a kind. If you and your opponent both have the same cards then the higher rank will be considered as a winner. But if you have three of a kind and your opponent has a full house, then you’ll be the winner.
  • Flush is the same situation with five cards. The cards will be checked according to value in case if these are the same for both players and opponents. After checking individually, the highest rank card will be declared as the winner.
  • Royal Flush is when all the cards like Ace, king, queen, joker, and 10 are in hands. If the player has Royal Flush with him then no one can beat him.
  • Straight Flush is the five cards with the same consecutive numbers. If Royal Flush and straight flush competes then Royal Flush will be the winner. The surprising thing is, Royal Flush is also a straight flush.
  • Straight is the five consecutive cards without a suit. It is quite rare that your straight will match up with your opponent but if it happens then the values of cards are checked individually. The highest rank with the first card will be the winner.
  • High Card is when 5 cards will not match with each other then it is called Runt or High card.
  • Two Pair and One Pair is while two cards with the same value are there with other values, then it is two pairs. Same with one pair of similarly is called one pair. In both cases, the highest-ranked pair will be taken into consideration. 

Ace cards never are used to defeat the lower values with higher ones. The value of Ace is always high in poker cards. It has two categories like higher and lower. The poker hands must be resolved by 5 card hands. According to different games, the number of hands is different.

These are the main rules of poker hands. Along with these some terms like a river, check the flop, the fold is being used widely.

I hope I have made these poker hands rules easier for you. Though, you must go through the rules before starting a match in casinos.